Flash J Shad 4 inch

Born out of the success of the Flash J in Japan, the Flash J Shad is 4 inch in length comes in a 6 pack .Its major characteristic is the swimming shad tail which when combined with the realistic looks and action of the J shad, makes it irresistible to bass and other predatory species. The aluminium foil insert acts as a backbone in the plastic and helps to produce bait fish imitating flashes and attracts aggressive strikes.  It can be rigged either weedless or with a jighead.The Flash J Shad is available in 10 colours.


Product Code -fjshad 4

Length -  4 inch
pack -  6 per pack

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Tips & Techniques

Overview of the Fish Arrow J Shad Range

The Fish Arrow range certainly prides itself in making some of the best lures available on the market. The Fish Arrow Flash J Shad range is a true testament to this. These soft plastics are one of the most realistic lures on the market you will ever see. The attention to detail is absolutely mind blowing and this is one reason why they are such a deadly lure on many freshwater and saltwater species. The three different sizes open up a world of opportunity on small fish like Bream and Bass and right up to the bigger class of fish such as Mulloway (Jewfish) and Snapper. I will run you through a few different tips for each size!

Fish Arrow Flash J Shad 3" - The 3" model is a deadly weapon in estuaries and also for light offshore work. There are a number of ways that you can work this lure. I use as light a jighead as I need, taking into account casting distance, wind, current, depth of water, etc. Allow the lure to sink to the bottom. Let it rest on the bottom for 3-5 seconds. Quite often fish will pick it up off the bottom just as the lure stays stationary. I start with a small lift to get that tail pulsing and then a sharp twitch and allow it to sink back down. Slowly twitching it back to the boat and allowing for lots of pausing should see you connected to some good fish. Mixing in slow winds, twitches, pauses and even the occasional fast rip is all well and good for catching fish as well. If your encountering faster species like Trevally, Queenfish, and Tailor then apply more speed and work the lure a lot more erratically and scared to excite these fish. If your fishing for bottom dwellers like Bream, Mangrove Jacks, Bass and Flathead try and slow down the approach. Allow for plenty of pausing and slow winding as this is where the tail really comes into its own! (jigheads from any weight from 1/40 to 1/4oz dependent on species targeted and conditions faced and leader from 3lb to 12lb in strength)

Fish Arrow Flash J Shad 4" - The bigger brother of the 3" is a real winner on bigger, nastier fish. The 4" has a larger tail than the 3" so utilise it to the full! I recently had some fantastic success on Mulloway with the 4" model. I found that the we were getting most of our hits as the lure was actually moving by allowing it to sink back down to the bottom or by slowly winding it upwards. Don't get me wrong, we still got fish allowing the lure to rest on the bottom, but when we used the paddle tail to our advantage we were getting a lot more bites. I start off with a similar approach to the 3" allowing the lure to hit the bottom and leaving it to rest there. I then pull the lure just off the bottom and give it one small twitch and then one aggressive twitch. I keep the lure close to the bottom and work the lure aggressively but slowly back towards me. Remember to mix in the odd little slow wind to get that tail working. This really fires up the bigger class of fish I have found.
(jigheads from any weight from 1/20 to 1/2 oz dependent on species targeted and conditions faced and leader from 6lb to 20lb in strength)
Fish Arrow Flash J Shad 5" - If you want to work the deep blue waters then the Fish Arrow Flash J Shad 5" is perfect for the job. Being a tad bigger then the 4" allows you to use heavier jigheads and bigger hooks meaning you can target bigger fish in deeper water. Bouncing these lures over reef and rubble is the perfect way to connect with big Snapper, Kingfish, Dhufish, Emperors, Trevally and everything else in-between. When drifitng, allow for a long cast (in the direction the boat is drifting) as it will give you plenty of time to let the lure sink to the bottom. If fishing from an anchored boat, cast in all directions until you find where the fish are holding. Even casting away from structure works as sometimes the fish are away from the reef and foraging close by. Always watch your line as the lure is sinking, quite often the fish can be sitting a few metres off the bottom and may eat your lure well and truly before it has hit the bottom so always pay attention to whats happening so you can be ready to set the hooks. You may also have a school of Kingfish, Mackerel, Tuna or Samsonfish hanging mid-water that love nothing more then a big juicy softplastic so it pays to be ready at all times. Once the lure hits the bottom leave it for a couple of seconds and then start working it hard and aggressive but leaving room for pausing as this is where most fish will eat your lure. Sometimes a fast burn will really fire up the fish so work the lure a little faster from time to time as it is a proven method that works. Twitching it on the spot has produced many a time as well, especially on shut-down fish. Don't be afraid to mix it up, keep changing your retrieve to find out what the fish want on the day until you crack the code.

(jigheads from any weight from 1/4 to 1 oz dependent on species targeted and conditions faced and leader from 12lb to 30lb plus  in strength)

I hope these tips will help you when using the Fish Arrow Flash J Shad range. Just remember that if something isn't working, try something else like a different retrieve or different size jighead; it may mean the difference between catching a trophy fish or going home empty handed. Tight lines and remember to post your pics on the Fish Arrow facebook page, we would love to see your success on these fantastic lures!


Article compiled by WA Field Staffer Callum Edinger