Age: 41
Location: North Gold Coast
Occupation: Textile Fabrication

Back Ground:
I started fishing at the age of 5 years old with my parents and uncle's. We would go on an annual camping holiday to the Sunshine Coast, surf fishing and river fishing and also fishing and crabbing around my home waters at the Jumpinpin on the northern Gold Coast. Fishing is my passion and when ever I can I take the opportunity to get out on the water.

I started fishing ABT Bream Tournaments in 2004 after seeing a ABT live weigh in at the Gold Coast boat show. I have competed in ABT bream tournaments as a Amateur(Am), Kayaker, and in the Pro Division and have learnt so much by doing so and are still learning at each tournament.

I was introduced to the Pontoon 21 and Damiki brands of lures in 2010 at a Bream tournament. After using these lures for a short time I realised my fishing results have improved with 2 top ten super series finishes in the 2011 ABT Bream Series. Since this I haven't looked back and these lures will always play a major part in my tournament success.

Favourite Arenas: Gold Coast, QLD
Clarence River, NSW

Rods: G-Loomis SR 842-2/7' IMX
G-Loomis DRS8200 S
G-Loomis DRS820 S

Reels: Daiwa Heartland XA 2500
Daiwa TD Sol 2500
Daiwa TD Sol 2000

Leader: Sunline Rock FC

Main line: Fireline

Jigheads: TT Tournament Series

Favourite Lures: Pontoon 21 Crackjack 38SP DR (Bleeding Tiger Prawn)
Pontoon 21 Crackjack 48SP SR (Bloody Tiger Prawn, Ghost HG Gill
Damiki F Grub (Oxblood-red)
Damiki Air Craws 3" (Green Pumpkin Red, Oxblood- Red)
Damiki Ripper 4" (Oxblood- Red)

Damiki DTSCO 40mm Crank

Damiki D Grub (Oxblood red, Moebi, Skin blue)

Favourite Techniquies: Deep water natural structure
Canals, top water
Cranking flats

Biggest Bream On a Lure: 1.28kg (Clarence Super Series)

Future Ambitions:
Win ABT Grand Final
Top ten ranking


Michael Maas using the D Grubs on the Gold Coast

Tournament Results


Current ABT Boater Ranking: 2013 15th

ABT 2004: Pro Gold Coast, QLD   14th
Pro Clarence River, NSW   15th
Pro Bundarberg, QLD   13th
Pro Teams Brisbane River, QLD   4th

ABT 2005: Pro Tweed River, NSW   9th
Pro Gold Coast, QLD   4th
Pro Clarence River, NSW   17th
Pro Grand Final, VIC   15th

ABT 2006: Pro Gold Coast, QLD   28th
Pro Tweed River, NSW   4th
AM Clarence River, NSW   2nd
Pro Grand Final, Ballina, NSW   46th

ABT 2008: Am Tweed River, NSW   3rd

Am Lake Macquire, NSW   6th
Am Clarence River, NSW   7th
Pro Gold Coast, QLD   8th
Pro Grand Final, Gold Coast, QLD   18th

ABT 2009: Pro Tweed River, NSW   14th
Am Clarence River, NSW   11th
Pro Teams Gold Coast Easter Classic, QLD   12th
Am Bribie Island, QLD   5th
Am Port Macquarie, NSW   7th
Kayak Gold Coast, QLD   7th
Kayak Grand Final, Forster, NSW   2nd

ABT 2010: Pro Bribie, QLD   19th
Pro Tweed, NSW   17th
Pro Teams, Gold Coast Dash for Cash, QLD   5th
Pro Teams, Gold Coast Dash for Cash, QLD   9th

ABT 2011: Pro Gold Coast, QLD   4th

Pro Clarence River, NSW   7th
Pro Grand Final, Forster, NSW   28th

ABT Big Bream: 2 times

Pro Bribie, QLD 27th

ABT 2012:

Pro Bribie, QLD 13th
Teams Gold Coast 14th
Teams Gold Coast Dash For Cash 14th
Teams Gold Coast Easter Classic 7th

ABT 2013

Pro Clarence River, NSW 9th
Pro Gold Coast, QLD 7th
Teams Gold Coast Dash For Cash 2nd
Kayak Redcliff, QLD 8th
Kayak Forster, NSW 11th
Kayak Gold Coast, QLD 8th
Kayak Mooloolabah, Qld 3rd
Kayak Ballina, NSW 1st
Kayak Grand Final Marlo, VIC 79th


ABT 2014

Hobie Kayak Forster, NSW 5th

Gamakatsu Kayak Gold Coast, QLD 3rd

Hobie Kayak Redcliff, QLD 4th

Hobie Kayak Gold Coast, QLD 13th

Pro Clarence River (Boater), NSW  15th

Hobie Kayak Mooloolabah, QLD 16th

Gamakatsu Kayak Ballina, NSW 1st

Pro Gold Coast, QLD 16th

Gamakatsu Kayak Bream Grand Final Urunga, NSW 5th

Hobie Kayak Bream Grand Final Mandurah, WA 3rd

ABT Pro Bream Rankings (Boater) 40th

ABT Pro Bream Angler Of The Year(Boater) 15th

Hobie Kayak Bream Angler Of The Year 5th

Hobie Kayak Bream Rankings 4th


2015 Kayak Redcliffe  3rd

2015 Kayak Gold Coast  4th

2015 Gold Coast Teams Bream Series  5th

2015 GTS Gold Coast Teams  6th

2015 ABT Clarence River Boater  15th

2015 Kayak Grand-Final Lake Macquire  9th


2016 Kayak Gold Coast  6th

2016 Kayak Port Macquarie  5th

2016 ABT Gold Coast Teams 4th

2016 Kayak Forster  13th

2016 ABT Gold Coast Boater  28th

2016 ABT Clarence River Boater  34th


2017 Kayak Port Maquaire  9th

2017 Kayak Bribie  14th

2017 ABT Richmond River Non-Boater  6th

2017 ABT Gold Coast Non-Boater  1st