The Gift

As the old saying goes, never look a gift horse in the mouth, which in this case came in the form of my partner saying, “Hey, why don’t you go down an see Charlie for the weekend”. With the weather looking favourable the pass was accepted and the plans were hatched.

We went out early Saturday morning knowing the wind could go either way on the predictions it had suggested on the back of a small degrading system from the few days prior. Having not been able to get some consistent time into the sea legs, I was feeling just a touch queasy on the way out and hoped for the wind to swing in our favour.

A few bits of rain come through and then the wind picked up, as the other boys plugged away it was after the first hour I would find myself grasping the roof of the boat trying to keep my insides in. A few more spots were tried, but a morning of very little return was soon canned. I did my best to look for a meme that summed up my morning and this was the best I could find.

Sunday morning however was always looking the best day of the weekend, with 3-7kn winds the only concern was how much the slop would calm down throughout the night. Another early launch and we were on our way. Pulling up and fishing around the depths 40-50m and not too much drift with the sea anchor out, we decided on Jig weights of around 100-130g should suffice. A new jig out this year for Damiki is the Suplex, a colour I had my eye on upon their release was the Day Night glow, rigged with some Damiki Trust Jiggers in 5/0 and a size #4 Damiki Rock bearing swivel.
After drifting for close to 10 minutes, I felt my first hit, and the hook up was complete. A few minutes later and I was looking at my First Queen Snapper.

 As the morning grew on, we find ourselves slowly, but steadily picking up a few more Queen Snapper, breaksea cod, Harlequin, Blue Groper, Dhufish and assorted wrasses. Constantly mixing up the Jigging techniques seemed to be favourably to mood of the fish as we moved along.

Something else that had been talked about between a few field staffers was trying something different on the assists, A lot of people like to use squid style assists, but we thought maybe something like a shad could entice something different. The first thing to notice was I don’t think it made a difference for the Queenies, as it wasn’t long before one was boated on the Jig/Shad combo. Around 20 minutes later, still going with combo I would get the best hit of the day, unfortunately there was no hook up, but it was evident the shad was the target, it had been bitten clean through at the back of the hook leaving me with just the eyes of my anchovy shad.

Conveniently as the wind dropped off to about 2-3 kn we also got up abit shallower in 20-25m of water and I was able to get a lighter 60g Damiki Tokon Jig down, rigged with 3/0 Trust Jiggers and the stock treble remaining, I’d soon have my first Harlequin fish, at half the size of a few boated earlier I was happy enough that I’d finally ticked it of the list.