Pontoon 21 Pillo Grub 2 inch

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Today, the grub is a commonly frequented approach to angling worldwide and continues to show its success on multiple species  - The Pillo Grub is no exception and has put a spin on this traditional profile whilst added something of its own in terms of fine detail & tuning!

A series of ribs varying in width, diameter and number offer a unique presentation to fish, while complimenting the curl tail. The Pillo Grub also features an entry/exit point for your hook of choice, enabling you to thread your plastic onto your hook dead center, which is important when it comes to your lure swimming naturally and straight.

Most commonly the Pillo Grub is fished via the Jig Head Rig. It can be fished very lightly, still retaining its important tail action while managing to stay in the optimal strike zone for longer. A variance of pauses, slow winding, single, double or triple hops are seeing this lure some undeniable success but as we know, we must consistently chop and change technique to find success.

Great for most inshore/estuarine species such as: Bream, Bass, Mulloway/Jewfish, Perch, Whiting, Tailor & more!


8 per pack