Damiki Vault 42

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Vault 42

The Vault 42 is a mid sized metal lipless crankbait from the Damiki Bait range of lures. At 42mm long, it can be used for everything from bream,bass and perch to light inshore fishing . The three holes for the snap allows the user to change the lures vibrations to suit the conditions.

The Damiki Vault has three holes on the top for attaching the clip. Each hole alters the action slightly.
Front hole. Place the quick snap clip in the front hole for maximum action when vertically jigging.
Middle hole Use this hole when fishing flats,banks or schooled fish when a medium to fast retrieve is required.
Rear hole. The use of this towing point gives the Lure maximum vibration for slower retrieves.


Product Code: vault42

Length - 42mm
Weight - 7 grams